I've Got a Body

by Metatone

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Singular consciousness, constantly conflicted.



There may only be one heartbeat
But there are a whole lot of rhythms

I play me with a base-of-the-spine bass line
(Sub-frequencies) Plucking on my tendons

The melody bleeds through my loose teeth
It behooves me to chew my gums

I'm totally through with that New-Speak®
This week I'm going to bleach my tounges

Some days I want to pray with my hands free
But I cannot oppose my thumbs

So I fall to me knees and see d'feet
With their 10 little weapons

I've got a body but I'm not my body
I've got a mind but that's not who I am

I've got half a mind to give you my two cents
A penny worth of thought

This new sense is a nuisance
That I wish I never would have bought

They say the veil of illusion
Is woven from the line of thought

I want to tie up that noose's loose-ends
But I do not know Gordian's Knot

So I get out my sword and I run forwards
Into the battle that can't be fought

My cutlass is a blade of grass
I can still cut a crop-circle into my field of vision

In a single instant
I fill my mind with symbols until I'm an imbecile imprisoned
It won't make me any different

Because I've got a body but I'm not my body
I've got a mind but that's not who I am

So Hum

It is a swell time to tell time "tock-off"
That you really don't give a tick

Don't tow the time-line every time the clock coughs
It ain't your fault it's sick

You can get your Ragnaroks off
The end times can cum quick

Just hit the top of the stop watch
Yeah, thats it!

That was a bit too soon Nabokov
You really should have waited a bit

The Fates would have taken their tops off
And shown you the Trinitit

It's purple, with an areola like a sand mandala
Spinning like a figure 8
I latch on and on, just to get another swig of her galactate
Nursing from the Universe, but I never get any bigger

Its because I've got a body but I'm not my body
I've got a mind but that's not who I am

So Hum Bohdi Om


released April 1, 2013

J. Ashley Miller: Vocals, Bass, Guitars

Jonathan Kraft: Drums, Drums

Gary Miller: Percussion, Vocals

Rabbit Killer: Mr. Squeaky

Abbi Miller: Vocals




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Metatone Kansas City, Missouri

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