by JAMetatone

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Pop Singles from 2011 and 2012


released November 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Metatone Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Radicool
I wake up empty, the way love meant me to be.

Spirit please move in here, you can live in me rent free.

My soul is a nest for your holiness, manifest as the dove of peace.


I lay my egg at your feet.

I pray you'll incubate me, until the day I break free and open up my baby beak.

I eat with a bely like a beast.

Only grace will satitate me.

So I sip that trinitea and break bread like a break-beat.

I shake the hand of God that feeds and it makes me feel Radicool.

I am that I am feeling Radicool.

Anybody can feel Radicool.

What is? What isn't the Radicool?

I wake up filled to the brim, like a cup with a built in fountain.

I will spill my love until everybody's downing in an ocean of light.

A vibrant sea.

The devotional tides rise, and eat the beach.

Until the sands of time, are buried beneath the great Wave.



There's only one melody are harmonies are fallacy.

Disarm the charm.

The spell is weak.

Just dump your chalice out and breath.

Feel Radicool.
Track Name: Pro Outrageous Goodtimes
We play our good times Outrageous

About right Now be a pretty ok time to go out raging with us

Communal conviviation I cannot sing it's praises enough

Some Mammals holding hands may make a circle of Love

As soon as the circle opens up we stick out it's tounges

sung: " Esh ne seeb re ove the aleve a reail"

I did even know we said that cause our mind's so undone

some mammals folding tounges may say some re.creation

We build it to be all free. Equality's relation.

The I to the We to the IT, it the Fit integration .

Equaliberation it's the gift that the Vibridge brung.

Some mammals rife with light might write a circle of Sun.

Glowun' metatronicly, photon stream fountain

Whomever be in proximity proceed to ripen.

Whether you be all hyper-d or just the Person

come on, even reptiles need a whiff of one

I've seen the Real filamental vibratrix

it's the Way get's to bounce

the Anima unhands the Ba

and particle's pounce

What ever beat is repeated comes to be

and it counts!

The repetition (lock and load) pitter patter

matter amounts

it just is a lepers allowance

sounds: "Nothing is frugal these days"

I'mma get myself paid back

of all the self that I gave

to aura scabbing repeatiles

who grabbing redefiled me away

I now tone repentoplay



Thats my book today.

writing puns works wonders on wiping reptiles away

ripen pun. pile and repeat. lie be away.

and just remember we say:

dear reptiles need a whiff of a _____.

fill in the blank space. sit say

I Hear reptiles need a whiff of a _____.

Reptiles need a whiff of a _____.

Pro Reptiles need a whiff of a _____.

Outrageous Pro Reptiles need a whiff of a _____.

Wet Reptiles need a whiff of a _____.

Outrageous Pro Reptiles need a whiff of a _____.

Pro Reptiles need a whiff of a _____.

Outrageous Pro Reptiles need a whiff of a _____.

Wet Reptiles need a whiff of a _____.

I saw something.

it is?

Who me?

I am him.


Hella Growth.

Hello Harvester.
Track Name: Listen to the Women
Listen to the women.


Wet with love.

Infested with bridal bugs.

They sidle up.

They want to settle up.

They've got their catalogs.

They've circled what they want.

Purple is what they want to become, but they've still got blue lungs.

So last season.

They've got some water in their way.

I cannot say that water away.

I cannot pray the water away.

I cannot name the water away.

I cannot play the water away.

I cannot shave the water away.

I cannot wave the water away.

I don't posses Moses' rod.

Not even God's toes will touch the bottom of the Abyss.

Only the women know this.

Most men don't notice.

And so we just listen to the women.
Track Name: Dark Empress
You really spark my interest, looking like a dark empress.

I want to embark on a quest to find what's been on your mind like a headdress.

I want to crack you open like a beverage.

Thumb-tab, got that leverage.

I'm a pry those storm clouds open and poke into your heavens.

I was hoping, just to see your deity and pay a little reverence.

I'll pray for you like a revered.

I'll get you so fired up that I'll probably have to pay you sevarence.


I love your energetic essence, all feminine with fresh scents.

Do you give sex lessons?

If yes then sign me in and we'll spin Welcome Freshman.

Find out just where you want me baby, give me that placement testing.

I'll fill you up like a scantron bubble.

(b) beautiful blessing

(c) come see me again

(d) delicately deepening

(e) endless love [all of the above]

Make me never want to leave my skin


I take no credit when I spit it, it was God that said it.

Get it?

So, if the trinity has something to say then I get out of the way and I let it.

Jameta's just a set of wet lips and a tongue that disencrypts the primordial word (which I heard uttered through the humanuscript)

Excuse me but I've really really really really really really really really really got to get going.

The boom-boom bum-bap-bip by the Blood Diamond5 (thats my friend).

This is a Metadiamond.

Spark my interest, you dark empress.
Track Name: Plebeian or Pleiadian
Are you a Plebeian or a Pleiandian?

Do you have a reptilian brain stem or post mammalian compassion?

Do you come fast in, or are you tantric?

Is your love everlasting, or are you cancerous?

Do you understand this, or are you just dancing along?

Have you swum to Atlantis, or do you swim with your mom?

Do you read text bits, or do you read the double helix?

Do you watch Netflix, or the crystalline matrix?

Is the screen your crucifix, or have you seen the Light?

Do you need a Luciferic fix, or are you clean and bright?

Do you tune in to Sirius FM, or do you tune in to Sirius B?

Have you watched that series on the X-men, or have you mutated seriously?

Do you still use Siri to speak, or the very Word Itself?

Is fear your currency, or is Love you wealth?

Tell me.

Are you a Plebeian or a Pleiandian?

Are you on the internet or the inner-net?

You smoking cigarettes or the Holy Spirit?

Do you drink Squeeze-Its, or take Chi sips?

Do you eat Cheeze-Itz, or The Itz?

Do you make mystics, or do you make mistakes?

666 or the number 8 on it's side?

Do you stay in one place and try to hide?

Do you know the way? Wu Wei. That's right!

Do you hope that this is the only life?

Do you know how many wait on the other side?

Earth is the place where we all reside.

No nation-state can subdivide it.

We will delete the spaces that you try to type, one by one till our worlds collide.

Are you a Plebeian or a Pleiandian?
Track Name: Seven Lives
Seven lives in one lifetime.

You've got to live them one at a time.

Don't jump rope with the timeline, cause if you skip something you can't hit rewind.

First Life: Ignorant Infant.

Trying to align to that infinite intent.

Master your senses and get sapient homosapien.

Second Life: Must Procreate.

Your clothes look great.

Get to know the mate.

Really get to know me babe, and when we get close you can throw me away.

Third Life: You're a Soldier.

With your throat at the knife of your culture.

Spill your life on the altar.

Your blood will delight all the vultures.

Fourth Life: Heart Open Wide.

We all know what's inside.

6 sided body of Light.

E.V.O.L.O.V.E. That's Right!

Fifth Life: Ruled by the Throat.

Every single word you spoke unrolls that scroll.

Text, a vexing hex.

Mind gets tied to the yoke.

Sixth Life: I and I sight.

A Wheel within a wheel.

Turn to the Right (morally speaking).

The Real cannot be defined.

Seventh Life: One Mind.

One Body.

One Sign.

One Name.

One Time.

One pair of wings.

I'm flying.

Seven lives in one lifetime!

Every one of them is mine.