by Jametatone

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released November 1, 2015

all songs written produced by Jametatone except

"What Fruit is That" Produced by Snakoids and Jametatone

"Cyburnout" Produced by Snakoids, Humman Traffic and Jametatone



all rights reserved


Metatone Kansas City, Missouri

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Track Name: Free You're Mine
解き放て (Free You're Mine)

by Jametatone

I'm on that other tip like ET's finger (ETの指先のような俺の指先)

Come take a trip on my UFO (俺のUFOで旅に出よう)

Love is my shit. (愛がすべてさ) 

I'm a white light bringer. (俺の光る白色灯)

Even my gonads glow. (生殖腺まで白色灯)

I'm so Luciferic, you should fear it. (蛍みたいに)

Only if you're living in the shadows. (暗闇を彷徨うなら)

When I flick my bic (lighter) the demons flee quick. (俺の光を当てるから)

I keep them running like snagged hose. (俺の光を灯しつづけるから)

I keep death on it's toes like frostbite. (霜焼けみたいに死に続けるから)

I keep my clothes next level like cosplay. (新たなコスプレ生み出し続けるから)

They keep that door to heaven locked tight. (天国への扉の鍵閉め続けてくれ)

I want to make it through that gate I need to walk right. (その扉までまっすぐ歩き続けたい)

Left, right (左、右) (footsteps)

I know that way is known. (やり方はわかりきってる)

Because my Master carved a pathway through the stone. (俺の師匠が切り開いた)

I took off the mask of ego and faced my own nature. (エゴを捨て、対峙せよ)

I make sure I have a grasp on letting go. (好きにすればいいのさ)

poof (the sound of disappearing)(パッ)

Silence is golden. (静寂、最高)

I and I am quiet when I open my soul lens. (魂のレンズ解放する時は静かにするよ)

I might make a couple gestures but they're token.

The name of God best not be spoken. (神は語らない)

I'm going to say it three more times (三度言わせてくれ)

Alone we're together (みんな孤独さ)

Free you're Mine (解き放て)

He who seeks ceases to find peace sleeping in the awakened mind. (あいつは悟でもって静寂を探す)

I'm tasting the rind of the forbidden fruit (禁断の果実を試食する)

Climbing the Tree, trying to get to the root of the problem (木の上から、根源を探る)

Human is not a sovereign specesis (人間は最強じゃない)

We're subject to poverty, death and disease (貧困、死、病の主題さ)

Plus our culture is creepy (しかも、人間文化は気持ち悪い)

We sleep with preteens and feast on feces (ロリコンだし顔まで食べる)

We really need to retreat (まじ静養が必要だ)

Get back on track like Maurice Greene's feet (モーリス・グリーンのように位置に着かなきゃ)

As soon as we reseat, there is a big fat motherfucking Dragon to defeat (座り直せば、マジでかい龍との戦い)

Currently she is on the elite's leash (あの子はエリート街道まっしぐら)

All the She eats is currency sheets (あの子の毎食為替シート)

I fear no man, no beast and no computer program. (俺は誰も、どんな獣も、コンピューターだって怖くない)

Nobody can own me. (俺は誰のものでもない)

Because the witness is untouchable baby. (赤ん坊が証人さ)

Once you understand this the one cup stays full…..maybe. (俺の言っている事わかるならこの一杯は満タンのまま。)

It will never be depleted, all you have to do is repeat (この一杯は二度と減らない、繰り返すだけ)

Three more times (また、三度)

Alone we're together (みんな孤独さ)

Free you're Mine (解き放て)

He who seeks ceases to find peace sleeping in the awakened mind. (あいつは悟でもって静寂を探す)

I'm laid back like a recumbent bicycle (背もたれ付き自転車のように気楽に)

I ate a snack at 1pm so I'm still slightly full (午後1時におやつ食べたからまだお腹いっぱい)

Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, Nom, YUM! (ノー、ノー、ノー、ノー、ノー、うま!)

I like to eat rice from bowls. (お茶碗の白米最高)

I only drink water that comes from melted icicles. (つららの水しか飲まない)

So I spit it nice and cold. (ナイスで冷たい唾はける)

The way that I'm rapping you might think that it's a glacier that I'm trapped in.

I was made for chillaxin' (俺はクールでリラックス)

It's a mammoth trunk that I'm packing  (マンモストランクに荷造り)

I can funk you with a caveman accent (石器人訛りでファンクしてやる)

OOGA BOOGA! (オーガ ブーガ!)

It's true that I have loved you since way back when, before pterodactyl wings started flapping. (翼龍が羽ばたく前からお前を愛してた)

But then the sky went all black  (だけど、空は暗闇になった)

What the fuck even happened? (何かいったい起ったんだ?)

.; .::. :::
Track Name: Waiting 2 Feel
Walking that silk road

shopping for pills to put on my pillow

Who's my connect?

I know that she will know

don't know her yet, oh but I will though

Cylinders, circles, squares that are purple

She's got the work and I've got the will though

Let's make a deal, I brought my deal-dough

I'm ready to know the new me

I will throw zeros to seal closed deals

though I'd rather feel like the deal was real

I look down on the ground

I pick you up then I look around

I place you on my tongue

you enter my bloodstream

Are you going to fuck me up?


to feel your love kick in

Feelings tell me I'm real

In only a moment I know that you will be gone

and still here we are

Unmarked car. Binoculars.

I watch you watch me.

Just l like fly on yr cup of coffee

I dare you to SWAT me

I hear the battering ram's pitter -patter

Safe in my safe room, come on and capture me

I am my hostage these aren't my last words

I'm living happily every after

I look down at my chest

I see your red beam

Are you gonna take me out?


to have my door kicked in

Feelings tell me I'm real

you know that you have it but you never use it

the key to my heart

waiting to have my door kicked in

Feelings tell me I'm real

Nothing is real

I see who we are